Hello and Welcome to Big Day Ready! 


Life is a journey and it can be a crazy one at that. We know all too well about being in challenging spots both personally and professionally and not having a clear direction or path to take. It has taken us several years and a lot of faith to be in the position we are today in terms of understanding and living a Big Day Ready Life. For us, living a Big Day Ready life means being as prepared as you can to live a fulfilling life but also being ok with not having all the answers immediately in front of you. Having trust in your partner, trust in the process, and trust in God that everything will work out in the end, is the driving force behind living Big and Ready. 

Since our journey led us down a path to now living a life in the military, we were inspired to help other military couples be as prepared as they can be during their own journey while strengthening their relationship at the same time. Communication, Wellness, Friendship, and Intimacy are the pillars that makeup Big Day Ready. It is through these pillars that we hope to help inform and inspire military couples around the world to live their most fulfilling and rewarding lives with each other. Most importantly, provide the proper tools and confidence to get through the difficult and challenging times that we all inevitably face. 

We thank you for joining us on our journey...in the hopes that it will inspire yours. 

Live Big and Ready, 

Jamie, Michael, MJ, Charlie, and Lady 


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